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About Ramgarhia Association Regd. in Mumbai

Ramgarhia Association (Regd.) in Mumbai is an organization that bring together members of the Ramgarhia community in Mumbai, which is a Sikh community originating from the Punjab region of India. They were skilled people from various fields. These craftsmen, who were experts in metalworking, carpentry and masonry. The Ramgarhia Association Regd. was formed in the pre-independence period in the year 1945. The association aims to promote social, cultural, and economic welfare among its members, while also preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Ramgarhia community. Several programs and activities are carried out by the Association to help needy students to continue education and also provide various assistances for career building, business support and matrimonial arrangements..

Today, the Ramgarhia community is known for its expertise in various fields, including construction, engineering, manufacturing, and textiles. The Ramgarhia Association holds regular events and activities, such as cultural festivals, religious ceremonies, sports tournaments, and charity fundraisers. We also provide a platform for members of the community to connect with one another, share ideas, and support each other in various ways. In addition to promoting social and cultural activities, Ramgarhia Association also focus on education and professional development. We provide scholarships and other educational opportunities for young members of the community, while also offering mentorship and networking opportunities for professionals. Overall, The Ramgarhia Association play an important role in promoting the welfare and advancement of the Ramgarhia and the Sikh community. Through their various initiatives and activities, we help to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage of the Ramgarhia people, while also providing a platform for members of the community to connect, support, and empower each other. Ramgarhia Association coordinates with other Ramgarhia Associations, that are present in many parts of the world, including the UK, Canada, the US, and Australia.